Transit Passenger Wagon or Cargo Window Insulation 8pc

$ 280.00

The Transit van passenger wagon or cargo van rear window insulation kit for the 148" wb. The passenger vans will be with factory interior, air bags, and rear drivers air/heat and fit from plastic trim to plastic trim. Cargo vans will be be cut larger and cover from metal to metal.

Comes with eight pieces and covers the slider door window, both rear passenger side windows behind the slider door, three drivers side rear windows, and both rear door windows.

Available for non extended vans and extended vans.

These sets are built with Prodex, a reflective solid core thermal insulation which is approximately 3/16 inch thick. Great for Transit conversion vans, passenger vans, and RV use. 

For more information on R-values, durability, usage, and warranty on the insulation products click here.

  • Reduces condensation and thermal transfer
  • Easy to install with adhesive backed velcro attachment
  • Easy to roll up and store 
  • Great for privacy
  • Available in silver or a wood grain pattern (wood grain is on the inside view only with silver on the outside - wood grain color will be darker than the sample photos)
  • Made in the USA by A-Z Covers LLC 
  • One year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturer's defects
  • All warranties are manufacturers' warranties


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