Transit Van Insect Screen Rear Doors

$ 429.00

Transit van rear door insect screens are now available in both a magnet seal model and a zipper seal model. Both allow for easy access in and out of the vehicle, and the rear doors can be closed when either model screen is installed. Great for RV and conversion vans and a must for camping.

We have two different types of material available. The standard screen comes with a house grade screen material and is great for mosquitoes and most small bugs while allowing for maximum air flow and light. If the tiny biting midges or no-see-ums are a problem in your area we offer true no-see-um Transit screens as well.


Click here to download magnet screen installation instructions

Click here for a Transit rear door magnet insect screen demo video

Click here to download zipper screen installation instructions

Click here for zipper insect screen installation videos

 Click here for Standard Screen vs. No-see-um Screen and Specs


The Transit rear door magnetic sealing insect screen is a great option for easy in and out use with no zippers to fuss with. The rear door magnet screen offers a magnet center sealing seam and magnet bottom sweep for a positive seal. These install under the weather stripping or gasket for a strong long lasting installation. 

The zipper screen has a positive seal at the zipper. It utilizes the weather stripping for a durable installation. The right hand zipper starts at the bottom right and allows you to zip it up for entry, you can also zip it over the top to center if desired. The middle zipper zips straight up and can be used for entry, this also allows you to zip the right and middle zipper straight up and then roll the screen up to the top - straps are included to hold it up. The left side has a zipper starting at the bottom left that zips straight up and a separate zipper that zips the top from center to left if desired. Both sides can be unzipped and rolled straight up and held with the straps supplied. This allows full entry for loading and unloading. The bottom is an adjustable velrco sweep panel and is gravity held. The bottom sweep can be easily adjusted for a tight fit. 


  • Uses the factory weather seal for installation
  • Rear doors close with screens fully installed
  • Can easily be removed and stored for seasonal use  
  • Built specifically for your Transit Van and not a generic fitting screen
  • 15% restock fee or in store credit on Transit rear screens
  • Made in the USA by A-Z Covers LLC using top quality materials
  • All warranties are manufacturer's warranties
  • One year warranty against manufacturer's defects


    Instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.