No-See-Um Screens and Standard Bug Screen Specs for Transit, Promaster, NV

We often encounter customers with questions about how to choose the best door screen material for your Transit, Promaster, NV van or RV conversion. Some factors to consider when choosing between standard house screen and no-see-um screen for your van include mesh size, air flow, light transfer, strength, and price.

Below are some specs on the screen materials being used for the slider door insect screens and rear door screens. If suppliers or manufacturers cannot supply you with the specifications, and blocking no see ums is your main goal, then you should do your homework before buying.

It appears that only the smaller ones in the no-see-um family will be an issue. The larger bugs within that species should still be blocked by the standard house screen, and we have sold that material for years with many happy customers.

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House Grade Screen: Standard Mesh Fiberglass for Windows and Doors

Mesh count: 18x16
Yarn Diameter (inch): .010 - .011
Fabric Thickness (inch): .0125
Openness: 59%
Burst Strength (psi): 92
Light Transmission: 69%
Mesh Weight [not listed]
Aperture: .0027
Bond Strength: [not listed]
Color: Black
Composition: Fiberglass

No-See-Um Mesh:

Tight Durable Mesh to Stop Tiny Insects


Mesh Count 18x18

Yarn Diameter (inch): .013 Warp / .013 Fill

Fabric Thickness (inch): .021

Openness: 47%
Burst Strength (psi): 160

Light Transmission [not listed]
Mesh Weight (oz./sq. yd.): 6

Aperture: [not listed]
Bond Strength (lb.): 31

MulleColor: Black

Composition: Vinyl on Polyester

  Standard insect screen material sample for Transit, Promaster and NV screens                No-see-um screen sample for Transit, Promaster, and NV screens

Keep in mind there is always a trade off when comparing two different materials. The standard house screen is lighter and could provide more light and more air flow while blocking mosquitoes and most other small insects. If you are looking for something that will allow maximum air and light in while keeping flies and mosquitoes out, you may want to choose the standard house screen fabric. The standard screen is also a bit less expensive. Now if you are dealing with the biting midge, no-see-ums, or if you want to get scientific (or just quote Wikipedia) the Ceratopogonidae, then the no-see-um screen is a good choice. The no-see-um screen is also a bit stronger and therefore more pet friendly.

No matter which screen you choose, you will find the majority of bugs are kept out with either screen. Whether you are camping or overlanding with the family, embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in South America or enjoying a scenic trip to Yellowstone, a screen door will ensure you can be more comfortable and relaxed inside your van or RV conversion.