Transit Van Side Door Insect Screen

$ 310.00

The Transit side door insect screens allow for easy access in and out of your van or RV while keeping the bugs out. Fits either the slider door or hinged side doors. Available in a zipper style screen or magnetic sealing screens. All of these screens allow you to close the side door with the screen installed. 

We have two different types of material available and both are excellent choices. The standard screen mesh is a house grade material and works great to keep mosquitoes and most smaller bugs out. The standard screen is great for maximum air flow and light. If the tiny biting midges or no-see-ums are a problem in your area we also offer true no-see-um Transit screens. These screens are a must for RV conversions and camping.

Please keep in mind there are two different types of vans, Wagons are the passenger model and have lots of plastic trim around the side door and windows. Cargo vans will generally not have the plastic trim and may not have full glass all around or rear passenger seating. The screens are built specific to the Wagon or Cargo van. Please check to confirm which model you have to avoid fitment issues and return fees. 

Magnetic sealing screens are available in the EZ Pass Through, 3.0 model, or the deluxe 4.0 model. See bullet points below for more on the three magnet  models.


Click here to download installation instructions for the zipper screen

Click here to download installation instructions for the EZ Pass Magnet screen

Click here to download installation instructions for the 4.0 magnet screen

Click here to download installation instructions for the 3.0 magnet screen

Click here for the 4.0 magnet insect screen demo video

Click here for insect screen installation videos

Click here for Standard Screen vs. No-see-um Screen and Specs


  • The EZ Pass Through screen has a center magnetic seal that allows easy entry and easy exiting, sealing closed with magnets. The standard magnet seal is centered in the middle of the screen. Custom offsets like 16 inches from the B pillar or 16 inches from the back of the C pillar are available too, or whatever your project requires.
  • The 3.0 model magnet screen is an easier installation than the 4.0 and will have a magnetic sealed opening on the right side, velcro across the top (used only if you want to roll it back out of way) and an adjustable gravity sweep on the bottom
  • 4.0 model side door magnet screen (not for passenger vans) is a little more work to install but more positive sealing. It will have a magnetic sealed opening on the right side and across the top. It will also have a positive velcro seal at the bottom.


 Additional information:

  • For cargo vans that are medium and high roof you will have a Zipper model, EZ Pass Through Magnet screen, and a 4.0 Magnet model to choose from
  • Passenger vans or wagons with high and medium roof you will have either the EZ Pass Through Magnet screen, or 3.0 Magnet screen option to choose from - see demo video above
  • Low roof cargo and passenger vans are available in EZ Pass Through Magnet and Zipper models
  • Installation of the EZ Pass Magnet and Zipper screens utilizes the factory rubber molding or weather stripping
  • 3.0 will utilize the rubber weather stripping and may require some adhesive on plastic parts
  • 4.0 will utilize the rubber weather stripping for installation
  • All will screens remove quickly for seasonal storage if desired
  • 15% restock fee or in store credit
  • Made in the USA by A-Z Covers LLC using top quality materials
  • All warranties are manufacturer's warranties
  • One year warranty against manufacturer's defects
  •  Some model RV's may have cabinet interference. This may require some custom modification or additional time to install, however this is usually not a major obstacle to overcome.

Instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.