R-Values, Durability, Usage, and Warranty for Insulation Products

Please keep in mind that building insulation manufacturers use different methods to determine R-values and most insulation is designed to be installed in walls and ceilings with an air gap. This air gap or other factors may be used to determine R-values. All listed R-values on our site are the building insulation manufactures stated values and may not be accurate when using the insulation for window coverings in a van. This information is subject to change and may not reflect the most current material being used. Warranty is a limited one year warranty from A-Z Covers LLC and covers the stitching only, it does not cover the insulation material or damage.

The silver Prodex Total material has an R-16 building materials rating and is the highest manufacturers stated R-value available on our site. It is a approximately 3/16 inch thick. It works best to keep the heat in and reduce condensation on the windows. It is a solid core material with aluminum type reflective exterior layers on both sides. The reflective exterior layers can be more fragile than the R-10 Prodex with wood grain pattern. For keeping heat out take a look at the exterior cab window covers.

The Prodex wood grain R-10 building materials rated panels are silver on one side and have a printed wood grain pattern on the other. The material is a approximately 3/16 inch thick. It is more durable but lower in R-value. The wood grain material is slightly less rigid which makes it more prone to drooping on the slanted windshield surface.

With all materials, it is best to roll lightly for storage and do not stack luggage or other items on the panels.