Transit SumoSprings for the 150 van

$ 351.99

Transit rear SumoSprings or helper springs for the 150 van. Available in light duty (blue), medium duty (black), and heavy duty (yellow) versions. SumoSprings are a micro cellular urethane product designed to enhance load carrying ability and stabilize sway. They can also help decrease and cushion hard bottoming of the factory springs. These springs are a progressive system that increase load holding capacity as the product compresses. Softer riding than some other products with easy installation and no maintenance. They work much like an air bag system, but with thousands of tiny air bubbles that never leak out.  Helps with both jounce and rebound as they absorb energy on compression. The Transit SumoSprings can help stabilize side to side movement or rocking. No modifications or drilling are needed. They mount using your factory bump stop brackets. One of our first choices in suspension upgrades for the Transit van. The SumoSprings are light weight yet heavy duty.   Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.


  • Light duty product capacity is 1000 lbs at 50% compression - Blue
  • Medium duty product capacity is 1500 lbs at 50% compression - Black
  • Heavy duty product capacity is 2800 lbs at 50% compression - Yellow
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  • All warranties are manufacturers' warranties
  • Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating