Van Compass Transit 2.0" Lift Kit AWD or 2wd

$ 966.00

Ford Transit AWD or 2wd 2.0" lift kit. This is a complete kit ready to install with everything you need. These are well thought out kits with expert engineering and instructions to match the quality.

Note: Front spring lift heights will vary due to weight but typically you see 1.25" of lift out of these springs over the factory springs. A 3/4" strut spacer with built in camber and caster correction provide the 2.0" of total lift gained.

Click here to download the Transit front lift kit instructions, additional information and release of liability

Click here to download the Rear Transit lift instructions, additional information and release of liability


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Maximum tire size of 265/75R16 with this suspension package.  This tire size will require some trimming of the inner pinch seam, details of which are covered in the instructions for this kit. 

**NOTE** Tire sizes vary greatly between manufacturers. Trimming of the body will vary because of this and some contact with the suspension subframe is possible at full steering lock with 265/75R16 tires.  Additionally, some 265/75R16 tires will require the use of a 3/16" thick wheel spacer to clear the strut body.  If necessary, we offer an AWD specific spacer for this scenario upon request. 

Included Components

The Topo front and rear lift kit includes:

  • Front 1" lift coil springs
  • Front camber correction bracket
  • Front sway bar relocation brackets
  • 2" rear lift block
  • 2" rear bump stop spacer
  • All necessary hardware


Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940. 

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