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Transit EX-Guard Grill Guard Front Protection System

$ 995.00

The Transit Ex-Guard grill guard protector is designed to help protect from wildlife impact and is a front end protection system. Not many manufacturers will make that claim - if any. It has the strongest weight to strength ratio in the industry. These are the same grill guards that have been used on large commercial trucks (semi-trucks) for years, and are not built just for looks; these are much stronger than the aluminum, stainless or other "for looks" type grill guard brush guard combos.

These are direct frame mounted and built with high tensile, high strength 12 gauge steel. They also come coated with a PVC type impact resistant heat dipped coating. This coating is malleable and approximately 1/8 inch thick and will not chip or rust after minor impacts. Due to the dipping process of this unique coating, it will have a slight line or seam visible on the bottom of the guard; again, these are not built as show bars, or accessory light bars, but are a structural front end protection system. 

Shipping ranges from 150.00 to 330.00 depending on your location in the lower 48. East coast and west coast States are 330.00 in freight.

Call for bulk orders.

Requires a business address for delivery. 

May take 2 to 9 weeks for delivery.

 For Ex-Guard grill guard videos click here.


  • Modification to the bumper molding is required
  • Roughly one hour installation time 
  • Approximately 80 lbs
  • Park sensors are not obstructed on 2020 models
  • Collision avoidance systems are not obstructed when EX-Guard is installed
  • Great for fleet owners or RV users who wish to reduce down time and avoid more costly damage
  • Malleable dipped PVC type coating that resists impact damage 
  • Made in the USA 


Clear instructions are included, and full tech support is always offered. Call anytime with questions or orders 971-678-5940.