Promaster Roof Rack - Fiamma Roof Rail System

$ 839.00

The Promaster roof rack or roof rail system is made by Fiamma and is a complete system ready for installation without drilling. This system can handle up to 220 lbs and is a great base for solar panel attachment, luggage, or lighting.

Cross bars are fully adjustable forward and backwards with the exception of where any bracket obstructions are. This makes it easy to clear roof vents, or other existing roof obstructions.

The standard system will fit the 136" wheel base Promaster high roof van and the 159" wheel base non extended high roof vans. The side bar lengths will come ready for the 159" wb and you cut them down for the 136" wheel base.

For the 159" extended wb you will receive the Maxi XL roof rack designed for the extended vans. If you are considering an awning and you buy one together with the Promaster roof rack system you will not need to purchase the extra awning brackets. This can save you a little money in the long run.

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We also have extra roof rack mounting brackets available and extra cross braces to fit either rack.

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