Promaster Fiamma Awning High Roof F80S Model

$ 1,455.00

We are proud to offer the Fiamma awning for your Ram Promaster van, conversion van or RV. Our awnings come complete ready to install with no need to order mounting brackets separate. Mounting brackets are included in our price. 

This is the company that invented the case style awning. Light weight and easy to use, you can double your usable space in less than a minute with the Fiamma awning for Promaster. They also help cool the interior. Makes a great space for sitting on hot days or as a staging area for gear. The case is an aerodynamic design and the fabric is rot proof, waterproof, UV and fade resistant. All seams in the fabric are welded rather than sewn and you can wash the fabric as well as roll it up damp. Fiamma has 30 years of awning building experience and is the campers choice. These awnings are not only user friendly but also look excellent on a Promaster van. 

F80S Awnings are very similar to the classic F65S and have now replaced the F65S. For more information and additional specs. on F80S Fiamma awnings for your Promaster van click here.

Technical Specifications:

136" wb Promaster will take the 3.2 meter awning - 10 feet 6 inches wide - 8 feet 2 inches extended out - 58 lbs - all mounting hardware included. Does not come with extra rafter.

159" wheel base non extended Promasters will take a 3.7 meter awning - 12 feet 2 inches wide - 8 feet 2 inches extended out - 66 lbs -  all mounting hardware included. Does not come with extra rafter.

159" wheel base extended will take a 4.0 meter awning - 13 feet 2 inches wide - 8 feet 2 inches extended out - 71 lbs -  all mounting hardware included - note: the 4.0 meter awning will come with the extra rafter.

If ordering a Fiamma Roof rack system at the same time as your awning purchase the above awning price will be less as the rack will come pre built to accept the awning, eliminated the need for the mounting brackets. Click here to see the Fiamma Roof Rack and Awning Package prices.


All F-80S awnings can be upgraded to be a power awning before or after you purchase, with the electric motor kit. Click here for the electric motor kit to make your F80S or F65S awning a power awning. 

You can find the optional Rafter Kit by clicking here.

You can find the optional LED lighting for your F80S awning here.

Click here to download general F80s awning instructions.

Click here to download the mounting kit instructions for 136" wb and 159" wb non ext.

Click here for the 159" wb EXT mounting kit instructions.

  • Royal Gray is the standard fabric color - all other colors are special order
  • 3 Case Colors, Polar White, Deep Black, Titanium
  • In case of light to moderate rains, install the center rafter, lower one leg and raise the other to allow for water runoff. If it is raining hard enough for water to pool on the fabric, roll it in. Do not allow the fabric to become stretched. Water damage is not covered under warranty. See bottom of page for warranty
  • Optional Rafter Kit is available for the 136 wb and 159 wb to help reduce pooling in light rain and mild wind noise - the 159 EXT wb awning will automatically come with the extra rafter
  • Takes approximately 1-3 weeks for delivery

Shipping is $199 truck freight and a business address is strongly recommended but not required - you will responsible for unloading and receiving the awning. If you choose to ship to a residential address you must have truck access and turn around (big truck). If they cannot get a big rig turned around they will take it to the nearest hub, where you will have to pick it up. Additional freight charges could apply if delivered and held at a hub. 

All warranties are manufactures' warranties

Fiamma end user warranty