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Ex-Guard Grill Guard for Ford Transit and Ram Promaster RV and Utility Vans

The Ex-Guard grill guard product is proving to be a popular item for the Ford Transit van. It is much more than just another grill guard. The EX-Guard is a front end protection system and can help eliminate costly repairs and down time caused by deer or animal collision. Great for RV and commercial use. Ideal for utility vans, fleet owners and expediters who are always on the road, often at night in rural areas. The system helps protect the radiator and other vitals to keep you moving down the road in the event that a deer does cross your path. No one wants to hit an animal, and we hope you never do, but it can happen, and if it does you are protected with EX-Guard. We are happy to be offering this product for your next overland adventure, your next job, and wherever else the road takes you!

Click here for Transit Ex-Guard grill guard system. and here for Promaster Ex-Guard grill guard system.


Ford Transit EX-Guard Grill Guard front protection system


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Pleasure-Way Lexor TS on Ram ProMaster 3500 Chassis

Check out the new Pleasure-Way Lexor TS on the Ram ProMaster 3500 Chassis. 2016  is Pleasure-Way's 30th anniversary! 

Click here for the Pleasure-Way Lexor TS page

We have cab window insulation and privacy shades that will cover driver and passenger windows, as well as the windshield on the Lexor TS. They add full privacy and have an R-16 insulation value. Great for reducing condensation, thermal transfer, and adding more privacy. We have a nice zipper style insect and mosquito screen for the slider door and rear door, and we also have a number of suspension enhancing products. You can make an already great RV even better with the products we offer at




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April 22, 2016

SumoSprings and SuperSprings for Ford Transit

SuperSprings is now offering a great steel helper spring for the rear of the Ford Transit full sized van, wagon, cab chassis, and cut away. Also, the popular SumoSprings are available for all Transit applications.  The SuperSprings are offered in both medium duty and heavy duty. See our product description for specifications on the Transit SuperSprings here. You also have the option of a heavy duty SumoSpring and a Medium duty for the 250 and 350 Transit. The 150 Transit and all wagons will use the light to medium duty and medium to heavy duty SumoSprings.  See the Transit SumoSprings specifications here, then click on your application.

The wagons are Ford's designation for their passenger vans. Cab chassis and cut away are cargo van chassis' that are modified by removing the van body or van body and cab back. 

Although this video is not of a Ford Transit it will illustrate how easy the SuperSprings are to install. The SumoSprings are even easier, utilizing the factory bump stop mounts. All SuperSprings products are designed with the fit it and forget it philosophy.


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April 07, 2016

New Leisure Travel Wonder on the Ford Transit Chassis

It did not take long for the folks at Leisure Travel Vans to put together a new model RV built on the Ford Transit Chassis. The new Wonder, like all their products, looks like a top of the line unit and anyone would be happy to own one. 

Check out the new Leisure Travel Wonder here

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Ram Promaster Review and Specifications: By Van Upgrades

After test driving the Ram Promaster, we can say it is a lot of fun to drive and seems to have less of a commercial van feel then some of its competitors. To read more on the Ram Promaster, see our Van Upgrades article below:  

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New Roadtrek Zion and Zion SRT built on the Ram Promaster Chassis

Check out the new Roadtrek Zion and Zion SRT built on the Dodge Promaster chassis. Roadtrek has always built great units for those that want a turn key adventure. 



Zion SRT by Roadrek - Built on the Dodge Ram Promaster chassis




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October 28, 2015

Improve and upgrade your Transit, Promaster and NV - enjoy your time on the road!

Welcome to Van Upgrades! We are working hard to put together the best collection of suspension upgrades and other fun or practical accessories and products for your Transit, Promaster or NV vans. We have some of the best names in suspension performance like Boss Airbags, Hellwig, SuperSprings, and Cats Eye, as well as 20 years of suspension expertise to offer you sound advice. Whether you are driving a Transit Cargo van for work or a Promaster Travato or Trend motor home, we have the products and experience to help you out. Call us with any questions you have. When you buy from Van Upgrades we will offer continuing road support and it does not have to be about our products. We have many years of service and repair experience and will do what we can to help you out when you are on the road. Van Upgrades is not just another online store. 

We hope to see you on the road!



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