Ex-Guard Grill Guard for Ford Transit and Ram Promaster RV and Utility Vans

The Ex-Guard grill guard product is proving to be a popular item for the Ford Transit van. It is much more than just another grill guard. The EX-Guard is a front end protection system and can help eliminate costly repairs and down time caused by deer or animal collision. Great for RV and commercial use. Ideal for utility vans, fleet owners and expediters who are always on the road, often at night in rural areas. The system helps protect the radiator and other vitals to keep you moving down the road in the event that a deer does cross your path. No one wants to hit an animal, and we hope you never do, but it can happen, and if it does you are protected with EX-Guard. We are happy to be offering this product for your next overland adventure, your next job, and wherever else the road takes you!

Click here for Transit Ex-Guard grill guard system. and here for Promaster Ex-Guard grill guard system.



Ford Transit EX-Guard Grill Guard front protection system


September 22, 2016 6 tags (show)