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Van Travel - Fort Columbia State Park

Sprinter van travel - Fort Columbia

Photo of Fort Columbia at the mouth of the Columbia river.

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January 31, 2024 2 tags (show)

Platform Bed Rear Door Basement Screen

New this season is the platform bed rear door screen with covers. This is a split screen that splits 36 inches up to allow for use with a platform bed or for a variety of other uses. It allows you to open the bottom to access your storage under the bed independent of the top screen. You can also open the top screen at your bed area independently. The bottom can be covered to block the view of the storage area or for privacy if you sleep low. Since the covers velcro in place you can adjust the top cover part way down to provide some privacy while sleeping on your platform bed. The rear doors also close with the screen installed and everything can be quickly removed for multi purpose vans, loading, etc.

More info for the Platform Bed - Multi Purpose Rear Door Screen here.



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