Metris Cab Window Air Vent Inserts - pair

$ 195.95

The Metris cab window air vent inserts install in the window channels of your driver and passenger side doors. These allow some air flow into your van while maintaining full security. 2 piece design and sold in pairs.

You slide them up into the window channel at the top where the glass normally seats, and then you roll your window up to hold them in place. They have an H shaped notch on the bottom similar to the upper window channel, this allows the glass to seat into the window airvent.

These cannot be removed from the outside of your van or RV. You would probably need to break the glass in any attempt to get in through the vent. They are louvered and screened to allow for air flow while keeping the bugs out. Made from aluminum with black powder coated finish.

If you want an inexpensive option to avoid cutting a hole in your roof for a roof fan, then this is an item to consider. These will not provide the same air flow as a electric roof fan in your Metris, but no hole in your roof, full security, and some air flow at a nice price is hard to beat.

  • Vents should not be used while driving
  • Made in Germany
  • All warranties are manufacturers' warranties