Promaster Seat Swivels and Lowered Bases Side by Side Pictures

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Here are couple photos of the seat swivels for the Promaster vans with and without the lowered bases installed. For those wondering what we're referring to here, the seat swivels will allow you to rotate around which allow for additional use able seating for the back area. The Promaster swivels will raise the seat height by approximately 1.5 inches, which for many is just fine. If you want to swivel your seats and be at the same factory seat height you started at, that is where the lowered bases come in. The lowered seat bases are approximately 1.5 inches lower than the factory seat pedestal and are designed to work with the Sportscaft brand swivels.


This photos shows the factory seat base on the Promaster van with the seat swivel installed.

Promaster van with seat swivel on the factory seat base


This photo shows the seat swivels and lowered seat bases installed.


Promaster lowered bases and swivels installed


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December 22, 2017