SumoSprings and SuperSprings for Ford Transit

SuperSprings is now offering a great steel helper spring for the rear of the Ford Transit full sized van, wagon, cab chassis, and cut away. Also, the popular SumoSprings are available for all Transit applications.  The SuperSprings are offered in both medium duty and heavy duty. See our product description for specifications on the Transit SuperSprings here. You also have the option of a heavy duty SumoSpring and a Medium duty for the 250 and 350 Transit. The 150 Transit and all wagons will use the light to medium duty and medium to heavy duty SumoSprings.  See the Transit SumoSprings specifications here, then click on your application.

The wagons are Ford's designation for their passenger vans. Cab chassis and cut away are cargo van chassis' that are modified by removing the van body or van body and cab back. 

Although this video is not of a Ford Transit it will illustrate how easy the SuperSprings are to install. The SumoSprings are even easier, utilizing the factory bump stop mounts. All SuperSprings products are designed with the fit it and forget it philosophy.


April 07, 2016