Transit Shower Kit for DIY Camper Van Conversions

$ 850.00
This is a three part shower kit for DIY Transit van conversions. Custom designed and built here in the NW. Special carbon fiber reinforced rip-stop polyester with heavy duty outdoor gear tent zipper. Tired of shower curtains that are too small, stick to your body and lift up out of the pan while showering? This curtain will not do that. It deploys in 10 seconds with four heavy duty carabiners that hook to the ceiling (we recommend L-track rings on a 42"x 42" spacing as shown in photo) and the bottom of the curtain hooks to the pan to keep it taut. It's a generous 32"x 32" in width with built in stretchy loops for the carabiners. The pan is 5" tall, 16g 304 stainless, with pre-cut 2" drain hole with depressed rim to drip into a floor drain. 

The dimple in this pan fits perfectly in to an Everflow 7581 Flat Stainless Steel RV Mobile Shower Strainer, as long as you flip the strainer over upside down. The bottom of the pan has 1/8" thick natural rubber bottom and will not move around so there is no need to affix it to the floor.

You can also order just the shower curtain and carabiner set up for a privacy room or toilet area. You will still need the recommended  L-track rings on a 42"x 42" spacing as shown in photo.


For the Shower Kit you get:

  • Curtain, shower pan and carabiners. 
  • Not included: Drain assembly (Everflow 7581), water supply, shower hose/head etc.
  • Approximately 40 lbs
  • Built in the USA


For the Curtain System you get:

  • Curtain
  • Carabiners