Promaster Intelliride Air Ride Suspension

$ 6,295.00

The IntelliRide rear 2 bag air ride suspension system for Promaster. This is a full rear air ride suspension system which completely eliminates the rear leaf springs and replaces them with trailing arms and air bags making it a comfort ride system. The IntelliRide system is fully automatic with (ECAS) Electronically Controlled Air Suspension. The Promaster (Ducato in Europe)  system has fully automatic leveling built in regardless of  loads. You can choose multiple ride heights from in the cab at a touch of the button. Ride height is still controlled automatically at each height setting. Price Includes delivery to the lower 48.

  • More comfort
  • Absorbs rear bounce and creates a better ride for the passengers or sensitive cargo
  • Lowers to help facilitate loading and unloading of your Promaster
  •  Allows for side to side adjustment for off camber loads
  • Intelliride is manufactured in Europe by Drive Rite
  • Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
  • Read all manufacturers recommendations and warnings
  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties

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The IntelliRide Air Ride system is a special order item and is non returnable and non refundable. A business address is required for delivery.  Call if you don't see your year or model.