Promaster 4-bag rear air ride suspension by Glide Rite

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The Promaster four bag air ride suspension system is built by Glide Rite and has been in use in Europe on Ram Promasters European Cousin the Ducato for many years.  This is a true 4 bag  air suspension system with two bags just forward of the rear axle and two behind. The stock Promaster rear steel leaf spring system is completely eliminated. With standard steel leaf spring suspension, you feel every bump, but with Glide-Rite Air Suspension, you are literally gliding on air.

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  • Unparalleled levels of ride comfort, stability and handling with the Glide-Rite suspension upgrade
  • 4 small airbags instead of the traditional 2-bag system adopted by other manufacturers
  •  Increased surface area of the 4-bag system requires less air pressure to support the chassis which means softer ride than the competitors can offer
  • Reduces driver fatigue and white knuckle driving 
  • Substantial reduction of road shock and vibration makes the van or RV quiet and smooth
  • Decreases the side to side wobble in and out of driveways
  • Greater support at critical points 

If you are looking for the best ride possible on your Travato, Trend, Zion, Limousine, or other RV or van conversion, this is it. This is the Cadillac of suspension upgrades for the Ram Promaster. This should not be confused with an air bag system. A true air ride suspension removes the old steel leaf system in the rear and replaces it with trailing arms, track bar, and air bags. An air bag system adds two Firestone type air bags to your existing spring configuration.  If your chassis is already an RV conversion, there will often be some modification or alterations needed to fit the air tank and trailing arms. RV manufacturers like to utilize all free space under the vehicle, which makes a challenge to fit other aftermarket systems. It can be done however, and this system has been fitted to many RV's.  Price includes freight to a business address.

 We have installers we can recommend. Please call for additional fitment information. 971-678-5940 

The Glide Rite Air Ride system is a special order item  and is non returnable and non refundable. It can take up to 4 or 5 weeks for deliver.